The History of Ocean Bowl Skate Park

Now that the Dew Tour approaches us, let’s take a look back at the history of Ocean City’s famous Ocean Bowl Skate Park! Did you know the Ocean Bowl Skatepark located on 3rd street and St. Louis Ave. is the oldest municipal park in the country?!

Ocean Bowl has continued to evolve during the decades, with its history dating back to the 70s. The idea for Ocean Bowl started in ‘75 but it wasn’t officially opened until the summer of ‘76 and has been attracting Ocean City skaters since. Ocean Bowl has gone through three stages thus far, the first taking place in the 70s with asphalt and the second stage bringing the addition of a steel vert ramp. The third and most recent stage consisted of rebuilding the entire park.

Today skaters can enjoy 17,000 square feet of a concrete based park which includes a pool bowl, a large vert ramp, a mini ramp, an open course with hit walls and hips and a small bowl. Ocean Bowl Skate Park was designed to blend the best of east coast and west coast styles to provide the perfect challenge to Ocean City’s skaters. When you go through Ocean City, and by 3rd street in particular, it’s hard to imagine that there was ever a time that skateboarding wasn’t popular as year after year we see people of all ages skateboarding at Ocean Bowl. But we’re glad that Ocean Bowl remained opened in the highs and lows as it is now a major part of Ocean City’s history. Ocean Bowl has roots so deep in the hearts of those who skate in it as well as those who helped rebuild it.

But, enough nostalgia, because exciting times are near! Come June 29 when the Dew Tour Experience begins, 3rd street is gonna be full of skaters at Ocean Bowl, inspired by the talented professionals who compete for Dew Tour Titles. Don’t miss out on the Dew Tour 2014 taking place right off the boardwalk on the beach- trust me, it will be hard to miss the set up!