Ocean City History

Ocean City was established as a resort in 1875 and for years the Boardwalk has been walked on and enjoyed by many. If you’ve ever visited, you probably have wondered what the Boardwalk of Ocean City, MD used to look like, say 10, 20, or even 50 years ago. For those of you who have wished to go back in time for a glimpse of an earlier Ocean City, Maryland, I complied some interesting findings for you! Take a look at some of the cool pics Ocean City aficionados have taken and shared over the years.

Fun fact: around it’s early ages, Ocean City, MD was referred to as the “ladies resort to the ocean”


Pier building in 1910

Image by Trimper’s Haunted House via website

The Pier Building in 1910. Built in 1907 for entertainment, it contained a dance pavillion, a skating rink, a pool room, bowling alleys, and refreshment booths.

People enjoying a day on the beach by the oc fishing pier in 1900

Image by Trimper’s Haunted House via website

Visitors hanging out on the beach in 1911. As you can see from the tourists in the water, it’s beach season, and yes, those are their bathing suits!


People in line to get saltwater taffy in 1920

Image by Dolle’s Candyland Inc. via Pinterest

An Image Dolle’s Candies on Wicomico St. and the Boardwalk. Dolle’s is an Ocean City icon that has transcended time wonderfully.

people walking down the ocean city boardwalk in 1920

Image by Lea via Pinterest

Yes, that is the world famous boardwalk. The outfits have changed but the landscape looks the same.


people walking down the boardwalk in 1930

Image by Chrissy Thompson via Pinterest

You may recognize this… It’s Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! Can you spot the Pier in the background? This is right next to where the Dew Tour currently sets up.

large fancy room

Image by Trimper’s Haunted House via website

1936, The Ball Room was located on the second floor of the Pier Building. What class!

People on the Ocean City beach 1930

Image by Lea via Pinterest

Just take a look at those bathing suits, how scandalous! Is that a scopes kid running the beach?


People walking down the ocean city boardwalk in 1950

Image by Robin Olson via Pinterest

The Pier Ballroom again. Are you noticing how much it keeps changing? When this photo was taken, Fats Domino was topping the charts with his hit “The Fat Man”. Oh how the music has changed, wait a second, is that Macklemore or just some woman wearing a fur coat?!?

People walking on the Ocean city board walk 1950

Image by Maureen Kimmitt via Pinterest

A Bandstand on Somerset St. Hmm, so this is where Concerts On The Beach in OCMD got started! Certainly looked a lot different back then.

Ocean city board walk 1950

Image by hbk1955 via Flickr

Look familiar? Ocean City wasn’t so different back then. I bet a lot of the games at Playland are still the same, well, maybe the skeeball games are still the same.


Carousel hotel from back in the 1960's

Image by http://recreated.ca/2012/09/19/mid-century-motel-love/

Hey! That’s the Carousel! Back then, The Carousel was known as Bobby Bakers Carousel and hosted many politicians during their getaways to Ocean City. Back then, The Carousel was the only business located in North Ocean City and paved the way for future hotels and condominiums.

parking lot by the pier full of cars

Image by Trimper’s Haunted House via website

1960, Rides on the Pier look a lot like the rides today. Who can spot the ghost Busters mobile disguised in wood paneling? Do you think they celebrated Sunfest back then?


people riding bikes on the boardwalk in the 1970's

Image by Shari Clayton Handley via Pinterest

An Ocean City, MD postcard featuring 5 and 10 cents Edwards on the Boardwalk. Even 40 years ago bike riding was a OCMD past time.

people on the ocean city board walk in 1970

Image by Trimper’s Haunted House via website

Looks like the Pier has always been a busy destination in Ocean City, MD

People laying on the beach

Image by Susan Antigone via Pinterest

Ocean City visitors tanning on the beach in 1984.

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