Famous Sand Sculptures in Ocean City Maryland

Meet Randy Hoffman. The artist responsible for the biblical sand sculptures we get to admire walking down the boardwalk.


Image by Randy Hofman via website


Image by Wayne Camlin via Flickr


Image by Jeffrey Kontur via Flickr

Ocean City, MD has had the pleasure of having these beautiful creations sculpted by Randy Hofman since 1981. The biblical sculptures Hofman creates are part of a project that represents the worship and ministry outreach group he works with, Son’s Spot. Each sculpture requires an entire day of work- can you imagine the amount of talent and dedication Hofman has to do this for over 30 years. It truly is impressive, especially for those who have the opportunity to see the talented man in action as he starts a new sculpture.

Have you ever wondered how it is that these sculptures last so long? -Hofman creates the sculptures with water, a plastic knife, and biodegradable glue. The glue creates a sort of crust over the sculptures that protect them from the wind and rain. The finalized sculptures last about a month.

Year after year, Ocean City beachgoers continue to be mesmerized by Randy Hofman’s works of art. We can’t even begin to imagine who will replace Hofman when he decides to retire. His work represents a long history of tradition and holds a very special place in the heart of Ocean City, MD.