Bike riding on The Boardwalk

Bike on the ocean city boardwalk

Image by Alicia Griffin via Flickr

Bike Riding in Ocean City, MD has been a favorite past time activity for decades. Every year thousands of visitors bring their own or rent from a local shop to go bike riding on the boardwalk. Some enjoy cycling as a workout while others like to take their time and just cruise along Atlantic Avenue. Starting May 1st through Memorial Day visitors can go biking from 2am-12noon.

For those who like to cruise, the boardwalk is perfect for a vintage feel with its surf shops, candy shops, and arcades that have been there for years. The boardwalk would be the best choice if you would like to bike with children as you don’t have to worry about any cars. However, it is recommended to bike early in the morning to avoid any pedestrian traffic that might start closer to lunch time. Some of the style of bikes you can expect to find in Ocean City rentals are banana bikes, tandem bikes, tag along bikes, and small and large surreys to name a few. Banana bikes are super fun but don’t get too confident- it’s common for someone to attempt a turn and end up in the sand instead. Surreys are probably the family’s favorite choice. It’s fun to see if you can get everyone going at the same pace. If you’ve never used a surrey before, try to master your turning and braking before you ride along the boards. If you want to get a really good workout and think the length of the boardwalk isn’t enough for you (about 2.5 miles), you can use the wide shoulders along Coastal highway, perfect for cyclists. Could you ride all the way down to Rehoboth beach? It’s about 30 miles so maybe we let your leg muscles decide! Whether you came prepared or not, Ocean City, MD has everything you need for a pleasant bike ride under the sun.