Gluten Free in OCMD

If you’re eating gluten-free, there’s no need to worry about your options in Ocean City, MD. There are plenty of tasty gluten-free and vegetarian options to choose from at The Carousel Oceanfront Restaurant including shrimp, crab, tilapia, grilled vegetables, and fresh crisp salads. Many of the items off the menu can be prepared gluten free upon your request, it’s as simple as that. Some people turn to a gluten-free diet because they suffer from celiac disease, others simply like the healthier alternative. Regardless of your reason to eat gluten-free, Seasons Restaurant wishes to give you a variety of options not readily available everywhere. If you’ve never even heard of eating gluten-free perhaps you’d be interested in learning some of the benefits.

  1. Improve your overall health. It can increase your energy levels, lower bad cholesterol, and give you more of those essential vitamins and minerals we all need.

  2. Aid your digestive system. Eating-gluten free can help you digest foods more easily- Good in, Good out.

  3. Think clearly. Not only does your energy rise, your thoughts get clearer and your overall mood is better.

  4. Potential weight loss. Emphasis on ‘potential’. Some people experience weight loss but this comes from just eating better in general. You shouldn’t eat gluten free just to lose weight. Remember to always consult your doctor before making any major changes for weight loss.

  5. Discover new foods! You’d be surprised of all the delicious meals that can be made gluten free. Some with ingredients that you may not have considered before and will be shocked you didn’t sooner.

If your diet requires gluten free options, The Carousel Oceanfront Restaurant have you covered.  Check out the menu on our website and see all of our gluten free options! 

So, have you made the switch to gluten-free? What have your results been? Share your benefits with us!

Mothers Day at The Carousel

Come May 10th, moms, grandmas, aunties, and special women all over the country will be receiving love, praises, and kisses from their family and friends. Mother’s Day is a beautiful holiday when we celebrate the existence of those special women who make our lives so much better every way they can. It’s for this exact reason that gift giving can be the hardest part. On this special day, we wish to show our love with thoughtful gifts worthy of the #1 mom. But sometimes you reach a point where you can’t come up with anything original. Of course, your dear mother will love you regardless of what you give her, but that’s not the point. It’s once a year and you want to do it right. So, will you be in Ocean City for Mother’s day weekend? It’s not uncommon for guests to come on a mother-daughter mini-vacation and here are some ideas for mother-daughter activities to share on Mother’s day.

Learn a new sport. Stand up paddle only keeps growing in popularity. Why not give that a try? Or perhaps you want a bigger challenge and want to go kayaking instead. Have you got a super adventurous mom? What about skydiving! Your photos and video can be taken from the minute you step onto the plane to the instant you jump off to the final seconds of your landing. Skydiving is a total adrenaline rush!

Enjoy some Ocean City Delicacies. If your mom enjoys trying new restaurants, why not be part of Restaurant Week in Ocean City, starting May 4th-18th. Many restaurants will have special menus specifically designed for the week. No tickets or passes required. Mention the idea to your mom. Your gift doesn’t have to be given in a single day. If you’re spending the week, try a participating restaurant for lunch/dinner each day of your trip.

Get Pampered. With so many salon and spas throughout coastal highway and ocean gateway in Ocean City, it won’t be hard to find the right salon for your needs. This gift should be considered a classic. What mom doesn’t deserve a day of pampering? No chores, no work, no worries. It’s every mom’s fantasy.

Create a fun memory. If your mom and you are the photogenic type you could get a professional picture taken of you two. Not just any boring picture though… why not try Old Time Photos and get your picture taken in your favorite costume! Old Time Photos has antique portraits for almost 35 years. There are so many themes to choose from- you can be a Southern Belle, a Victorian Lady, a Pirate, a Flapper or anything else from the past. Let your mom choose- no matter how quirky her choice is because it’s her day!

Dewey Beach Music Scene

Will you be staying in the northern part of Ocean City, MD during the May 2nd weekend? If so, why not go for a ride up to Dewey Beach, DE.? The Rusty Rudder located in Dewey will be the venue of the 2014 PopFest.  The PopFest is a music celebration held since 2003 featuring Power Pop, BritPop, Pop Punk Bands and more.  Rent a scooter for the day and cruise the strip to see these great bands play a show!

Great news if this sounds like something you would enjoy because it’s only about a 25 minute ride from the Coastal Palms Hotel. It would be crazy not to take advantage of the location. Although it is out of Ocean City, MD, it’s still a reasonable distance for a no cover music fest. The Rusty Rudder has been home to other music fests including the Delaware Music festival, DJ Fest, and the Dewey Beach Music Conference, held in the Spring and Fall. Go celebrate the Pop Fest with live music brought from over 20 bands on 4 different stages. The two day event is free to the public, 21+, from 7pm-1am each night.

Bands that have played in the past include Colourslide, The Kin, Kingsfoil, Find Vienna, Ike, The Jellybricks, A Silent Film, Ryan Star and more. 

Image by Dewey Beach Popfest via Facebook

This year’s lineup will include Colour of London from  Nashville, TN and many other artists for your entertainment. If you think this is something your friends would enjoy too, why not send them a group evite?

Ocean City Farmers Markets

What better way to start your weekend in Ocean City, MD than enjoying the early sun while you shop at the farmer’s market for the freshest produce? Shopping at Ocean City’s farmer’s market is an easy way to learn about the town by seeing what’s locally in season, meeting local farmers, and learning about the food you will eat.

Ocean City MD Farmers Markets

Image by At the Beach via website

Starting May 1st, the Shore Fresh Farmer’s Market in Ocean City will be at the Phillips Parking Lot on 142nd St from 8am-1pm. The location is conveniently 5 minutes away from the Carousel Hotel on 118th. The market will have an amazing variety of fresh produce to choose from straight off the farmer’s truck. These tips will help you make most out of your experience.

  • Dress for the weather. The sun rays get strongest around 10am. Be sure to wear light layers and a hat or sunglasses to protect from the sun.

  • The early bird catches the worm! The best produce is usually gone within the first hour. If you have something in particular in mind, you might want to wake up earlier.

  • Ask Questions. Don’t be shy, and ask the local farmers all the questions you can’t ask at the supermarket about your food. The farmers will be more than happy to tell you about their produce, how it was grown, and any tips on storing or prepping the food.

  • Make a list. Come prepared with a list of produce that you would like to get during your trip but also be open to trying new foods. If you’re not sure just ask!

  • Look around first. Before you start buying anything, take a look around the market and think about what you would like to buy first and what items go last, depending on the weight or etc.

  • BYOB. Bring your own bag or cooler. You don’t want to pass up on anything because you don’t have a bag or cooler. If any produce needs to be stored in the fridge, your cooler will certainly come and handy as will the mini fridge in your hotel room.

Here is the schedule to stay updated on the dates the Shore Fresh Farmer’s Market will be open in Ocean City, MD.


Rainy Day Fun at The Carousel

The spring weather in Ocean City, MD likes teasing us with one or two beautiful days of sunshine followed by a thunderstorm the next. Bad weather happens, it’s out of our control, but the Carousel Hotel doesn’t let a few clouds get in the way of your fun! We know you traveled to Ocean City, MD to smile and have a good time and we want to make sure you do.

Rain is downer when you had plans for outdoor activities, but in the meantime why not  lounge in the huge indoor pool while the sun comes back? This is perfect if you’re traveling with the family and fear your kids will grow restless if they don’t let their energy out. Going down for a swim will help feel like they’re not missing out on anything. You can comfortably relax on a chair while the children splash and play games until you join them for a refreshing swim.

Besides swimming you can also try skating in the Carousel’s own indoor ice skating rink. The ice skating rink is the only one in Ocean City, so while other’s are driving to the rink, you only have to go downstairs. It’s open year round and rental skates are available if needed. It’s located on the same floor as the pool and the arcade, so you won’t lose anybody if the gang wants to split up.

Maybe you were planning on going for a run down the Boardwalk but the sun won’t be back until later in the afternoon. Why not use the gym to get a good workout in? You’ll feel more energetic by the time the rain stops and will be more than ready to explore the town.

If it happens to be one of those days when it won’t stop raining, perhaps you’re on a trip for two and wouldn’t mind a day of relaxation. You’ll be glad to know there’s no need to search for a spa. There’s a hot tub and sauna downstairs for a relaxing, reinvigorating experience as good any massage that’ll make you forget it’s raining outside.

Whatever your plans may be, the Carousel is here to comfort you and provide an escape from the raindrops in Ocean City, MD.

OCMD in Hollywood

Ocean City, MD Goes Hollywood

This may come as a surprise to you but Ocean City, MD has actually been featured in movies! Have you ever watched a movie and imagined what it would be like to visit a particular place that’s on screen? Well when you watch these films, you’ll definitely be longing for a week in Ocean City, MD. Especially if you were here during the time the movie was filmed!

There have been many movies shot in Maryland but these are the films shot in Ocean City, MD starting from the oldest.


  1. Violets Are Blue, 1986 – Starring Sissy Spacek, Kevin Kline, & Bonnie Bedelia.

  2. Runaway Bride, 1999 – Starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Okay, so this film wasn’t filmed in Ocean City, MD exactly but I count it because it was filmed in Maryland towns including Berlin which is only 9 miles away.

  3. The Graduates, 2008 – Starring Rob Bradford, Blake Merriman, Nick Vergara, & Michael Pinnacchio

  4. Ping Pong Summer, 2014 – Starring Susan Sarandon, Amy Sedaris, & John Hannah

So, have you watched any of these? Did you realize they took place in Ocean City, MD? Let us know what you thought of them! Was there a movie shot in Ocean City that wasn’t mentioned? We want to hear from you :)

P.S.- Just as a reminder: Starting from June until August, you can enjoy a free movie on the beach! The Carousel Hotel offers free movies every Wednesday at dusk on the beach at 118th St.. Be sure to check on the Carousel’s website for updates on the 2014 line-up.


Give the gift of The Beach

Ocean City, MD as a Graduation Gift

Graduation is coming up for both college and high school students. Everyday that we get closer to May, you can just feel the excitement in the air whenever you go by a school or campus. And as any proud parent you’re probably wondering what to do for your beloved future graduate to celebrate this huge achievement! Many options are probably crossing your mind- buy them a cool new gadget? throw them a party? … a vacation trip? Yes! A trip would be perfect and they would totally appreciate it!!

After 4 years of countless papers and quizzes, a vacation trip would be the perfect way to congratulate and acknowledge their hard work and perseverance! But where? You can’t always whip out a Euro trip (although you would love to), so how about somewhere where you don’t have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get there?

How about a fun beach destination like Ocean City, MD? Yes, the “White Marlin Capital of the World”! This resort has been the pick for many graduates for years and years so why not give your son, daughter, granddaughter, etc. a paid trip to Ocean City, MD?

Ocean City Senior Week

Image by Ben Beard via Flickr


With beaches and bays on Atlantic Ave., Assateague, and Assawoman Bay, there are countless water sport activities they can dive into (pun intended). Be it jet skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing… you name it, they are bound to have a great time. Not too mention the warm sunrays while they get to relax on the sand or play a game of volleyball. For the brave grads that aren’t afraid of heights, there are also parasail and sky dive locations!

Then there’s the Boardwalk, full of great eats like crab cakes, pretzels, funnel cakes, fried pickles, caramel popcorn and so much more. There are countless shops to browse in from galleries to surf shops to gift shops. And of course amusement rides including a Ferris wheel.

Speaking of rides, there’s a super fun water park on Coastal Highway that also includes a speedtrack! If it happens to rain they can go to a bowling alley or an indoor mini golf course. There are countless things to do in Ocean City, MD so you can be sure not a day will be wasted.

And for those college graduates over 21, the nightlife in Ocean City consists of locations ranging from dive bars to nightclubs. For those who aren’t of drinking age, they can enjoy free concerts for people of all ages! Maybe they’d enjoy a night of movies at the beach under the stars hosted by the Carousel Hotel. Sites only a few minutes away are available for camping and bonfires.

The point is Ocean City, MD truly has a great variety of activities to choose from. Can you imagine how excited your grads would be if you gave them a trip to the beach as a congratulatory gift? It would be an experience they’d never forget!


Assateague Island

I can’t tell you how many visitors I’ve met who come to Ocean City and never think about visiting Assateague Island. My response is always a mixture of surprise and excitement as I get ready to tell them all they’ve been missing out on. Here’s why Assateague is worth the trip over the bridge and onto route 611!


The Wild Ponies!

Wild Ponies Assateague Island

Image by Natasha Lockhart via Flickr

Fun fact about the ponies: Some say the wild ponies arrived on the Island when a Spanish galleon cargo ship sank off the coast and the ponies swam to shore. Almost 20 years ago, a Spanish shipwreck was actually discovered off the island, giving credit to the story.


Wildlife Tours

Wildlife Tours Assateague Island

Image by Assateague Island via website

Go on a boat and take a tour of the wildlife. You can see peregrine falcons, sandpipers, egrets, osprey, terns, gulls, waterfowl, marine-life, sitka deer, fox squirrels, and of course the wild ponies. For the bird watching aficionado, Assateague Island is the place to go with over 300 species of migratory and resident birds.



Kayaking in Assateague

Image by USAToday via website

If you would rather explore the island on your own, why not do it by kayaking? Kayak and Canoe Tours/Rentals are also available at Assateague.


Camping in Assateague

Image by Mick Lerlop via website

350 campsites to choose from in the state park, each with a fire ring and picnic table. Many like to tent camp but you can also bring your camper if you would prefer.



Fishing in Assateague

Image by OceanCity via website

Sure you can fish from the Ocean City pier, but have you tried Surf Fishing yet? Surf fishing is allowed outside the guarded beach areas. For details on fishing licenses visit the DNR Licensing & Registration Service. And of course make sure you adhere to MD regulations on the size of fish you can keep.

Nature Trail

Nature Trails in Assateague

Image by MyAssateagueExperience via website

Assateague has a beautiful nature trail for you to explore the island! You can go biking or hiking on the four mile long path. The choice is yours, just remember your bikes if hiking isn’t for you.

The Beach!!

Assateague Island Beach

Image by HowderFamily via Flickr

Yes, Assateague is a wonderful experience with so many activities to dive into. My favorite: Diving into the water! Sit back and and enjoy the rays, go swimming, and if you’re up for it, go surfing! Not owning a surfboard is no excuse as rentals are available for you.  Go ahead, challenge yourself to the swells the Island is known for.

5 Must Try Restaurants in OC

Finding a place to eat isn’t difficult in Ocean City, MD. There are so many restaurants to choose from! But where do the locals eat? Every visitor knows THOSE are the restaurants to look for! Next time you’re in OC give these restaurants a try. Who of them may become your go-to spot!

(if you click on the name, it’ll take you directly to their menu)


  1. Seasons Oceanfront Restaurant



Is each person in your family craving something different? Well no need to worry, the whole family can satisfy their cravings in one spot! From prime rib to seafood buffet, gluten-free and vegetarian options, everyone is sure to be satisfied at Seasons Oceanfront. And you can enjoy the oceanfront view and fine dining anytime of the year!


  1. Fish Tales


Image by Fish Tales via Facebook


Their mouth-watering menu speaks for itself! Located on 21st street, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the bay while your kids have fun playing on the enclosed playground with a run-around pirate ship. It is no wonder they recently won Best Waterfront Dining in the Best of Ocean City 2014.


  1. The Crab Bag


Image by The Crab Bag via Website


You can’t visit Maryland and not eat crabs! The Crab Bag located on 130th street offers more than just savory seafood. They have delicious Arnold Ziffel’s Ribs too! And if you don’t feel like dining-in they also offer carry-out.


  1. Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill


Image by Macky’s Bayside Bar & Grill via Facebook


If a laid back atmosphere is more your style, why not try Macky’s located on 54th street bayside. Their motto: “Where Life is Good!” You can enjoy the open-air restaurant and bar on their own private white sand beach. They have a great kid’s menu with yummy virgin frozen drinks.


  1. Dead Freddies


Image by Dead Freddies via Facebook


Last, but certainly not least! Located on 64th street, Dead Freddies Island Grill is a family restaurant that offers a separate play area for kids with nearby tables. Seafood, Steaks, Wings, Margaritas, and more! Whatever you’re craving, your taste buds are sure to be satisfied!

There you have it! Next time you’re wondering where to go for lunch or dinner, why not pick a place off this list.