OCMD in Hollywood

Ocean City, MD Goes Hollywood

This may come as a surprise to you but Ocean City, MD has actually been featured in movies! Have you ever watched a movie and imagined what it would be like to visit a particular place that’s on screen? Well when you watch these films, you’ll definitely be longing for a week in Ocean City, MD. Especially if you were here during the time the movie was filmed!

There have been many movies shot in Maryland but these are the films shot in Ocean City, MD starting from the oldest.


  1. Violets Are Blue, 1986 – Starring Sissy Spacek, Kevin Kline, & Bonnie Bedelia.

  2. Runaway Bride, 1999 – Starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Okay, so this film wasn’t filmed in Ocean City, MD exactly but I count it because it was filmed in Maryland towns including Berlin which is only 9 miles away.

  3. The Graduates, 2008 – Starring Rob Bradford, Blake Merriman, Nick Vergara, & Michael Pinnacchio

  4. Ping Pong Summer, 2014 – Starring Susan Sarandon, Amy Sedaris, & John Hannah

So, have you watched any of these? Did you realize they took place in Ocean City, MD? Let us know what you thought of them! Was there a movie shot in Ocean City that wasn’t mentioned? We want to hear from you :)

P.S.- Just as a reminder: Starting from June until August, you can enjoy a free movie on the beach! The Carousel Hotel offers free movies every Wednesday at dusk on the beach at 118th St.. Be sure to check on the Carousel’s website for updates on the 2014 line-up.


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