Give the gift of The Beach

Ocean City, MD as a Graduation Gift

Graduation is coming up for both college and high school students. Everyday that we get closer to May, you can just feel the excitement in the air whenever you go by a school or campus. And as any proud parent you’re probably wondering what to do for your beloved future graduate to celebrate this huge achievement! Many options are probably crossing your mind- buy them a cool new gadget? throw them a party? … a vacation trip? Yes! A trip would be perfect and they would totally appreciate it!!

After 4 years of countless papers and quizzes, a vacation trip would be the perfect way to congratulate and acknowledge their hard work and perseverance! But where? You can’t always whip out a Euro trip (although you would love to), so how about somewhere where you don’t have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get there?

How about a fun beach destination like Ocean City, MD? Yes, the “White Marlin Capital of the World”! This resort has been the pick for many graduates for years and years so why not give your son, daughter, granddaughter, etc. a paid trip to Ocean City, MD?

Ocean City Senior Week

Image by Ben Beard via Flickr


With beaches and bays on Atlantic Ave., Assateague, and Assawoman Bay, there are countless water sport activities they can dive into (pun intended). Be it jet skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing… you name it, they are bound to have a great time. Not too mention the warm sunrays while they get to relax on the sand or play a game of volleyball. For the brave grads that aren’t afraid of heights, there are also parasail and sky dive locations!

Then there’s the Boardwalk, full of great eats like crab cakes, pretzels, funnel cakes, fried pickles, caramel popcorn and so much more. There are countless shops to browse in from galleries to surf shops to gift shops. And of course amusement rides including a Ferris wheel.

Speaking of rides, there’s a super fun water park on Coastal Highway that also includes a speedtrack! If it happens to rain they can go to a bowling alley or an indoor mini golf course. There are countless things to do in Ocean City, MD so you can be sure not a day will be wasted.

And for those college graduates over 21, the nightlife in Ocean City consists of locations ranging from dive bars to nightclubs. For those who aren’t of drinking age, they can enjoy free concerts for people of all ages! Maybe they’d enjoy a night of movies at the beach under the stars hosted by the Carousel Hotel. Sites only a few minutes away are available for camping and bonfires.

The point is Ocean City, MD truly has a great variety of activities to choose from. Can you imagine how excited your grads would be if you gave them a trip to the beach as a congratulatory gift? It would be an experience they’d never forget!


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